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Badaplus helps families to plan the tasks the caregiver is supposed to go through with. On the other hand, it gives the caregiver access to the scheduled daily activities, who can report those he carried out, possibly adding notes and suggestions. The family can see the report of daily activities and caregiver’s notes, in order to constantly monitor relative’s health and well-being. Badaplus also offers a multilingual system, which translates the content in the native language of the caregiver, and an interesting possibility to deeper explore some areas of interventions, getting analysis, tips, and videos.YOU CAN also:- CREATE A WORK PLAN FOR CARERS YOUR FAMILY BY CHOOSING THE LANGUAGE IN WHICH TRANSLATE TO INSPECT THE ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT EVERY DAY- BE WARNED OF CRITICAL SITUATIONS- BOOK AND TAKE DRUGS AT HOME- RECEIVE NEWS AND TIPS TO BEST ASSIST YOUR FAMILYALL IT CAN OBTAIN AND MANAGE DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE!Try it for free!